Childhood Abuse and Neglect


The shock energy of abuse or neglect from many years ago can be released today to start to help us heal

Client Story:
Natalie’s Story – Expelling the poison of childhood sexual abuse

Even long after we are grown to adulthood with successful lives, careers and families of our own, the insidious effects of childhood abuse of any kind and/ or childhood neglect can continue to corrode and blunt our abilities to fully enjoy what we have built and achieved.

The shock of any form of abuse and/ or significant emotional deficit in nurturing early in our lives can lead to a profound experience of feeing unsafe, anxious and depressed with a low self-image. This can remain within us years later, surfacing in many subtle ways, blocking and distorting our belief in ourselves. Often we have had to shut down our feelings in order to cope. We can end up reacting and behaving in ways we are not happy with, but feel powerless to change. Childhood sexual abuse is particularly damaging to our sense of self, and its capacity to subtly undermine all out natural feelings and impulses can leave us feeling isolated and powerless.

Neglect, even when unintended (because those who should care for us cannot cope), is now generally recognised as a form of abuse because of the damage a lack of nurturing in the early years can cause.

The layers of effects from the traumas of childhood abuse of any kind (whether emotional, physical or sexual) or of neglect (whether benign or extreme) may take time to heal. There are many dedicated organisations offering advice, help and support to adult survivors of such difficult starts in life (such as for survivors of sexual abuse), and I would urge you to seek such help out.

On the journey to reclaiming self-hood from early trauma, the shock energy stuck in our systems can be an obstacle. This is because it holds us in a negative and often self-hating trance, cut off from our feelings. This trance usually has at its core the assumption that what happened to us so long ago was somehow our own fault, or deserved in some way.

Hypnotherapy can reinforce a positive sense of self, help alleviate tension and anxiety, and gently build a greater sense of safety and optimism. It can put us back into contact with our ability to soothe and calm ourselves. I make personalised recordings for my clients to use at home for as long as they wish. Regression under hypnotherapy* can break the negative trance, beginning the release of that stuck shock energy which has driven our lives for so long. This release can start to dissolve the underlying feelings of anxiety, powerlessness and low self-esteem. And as we gently begin to explore, understand and discard the feelings left in us by past abuse or neglect, we can finally accept that none of this was our fault. That we are, and always were, loveable. Then we can begin to claim and truly experience what it is to flourish, feeling safe, loved, nourished and supported.

*If you know you are a survivor of any form of abuse or neglect, and are currently receiving specialist care, you should consult those leading that care about the suitability of regression for you at this point. You can read more about regression under hypnotherapy here:

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Client Story:
Natalie’s Story – Expelling the poison of childhood sexual abuse

Dissolving the blocks to self-healing

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