Addictions & Compulsions


Addictions, compulsions and unwanted habits can fade away if the need they are fulfilling is addressed in new, more positive ways

Whether you want to quit smoking, lose weight, stop compulsive shopping, gambling, over-work or break free of repetitive rituals, you may be finding your life has  been  taken over by an addiction or compulsion. Or perhaps there is a pattern of behaviour you would like to be free of, but find it hard to get a grip on. Whatever you now find yourself struggling to change, you may be at a loss to understand how things got to this point, or how to get them under control again.

It can be hard to ‘break the habit’ using willpower or the rational mind alone. You may feel you are being defined or labelled by the problem (by others and even by yourself). This can increase the negative feelings you have about yourself and make you feel even more powerless to change.

Never mind what behaviour we now find we are unable to stop, it began by giving us something we needed. At the beginning, it helped us feel better. It did something positive, despite being labelled negatively. So there will have been a good reason for the start of the ‘problem’ behaviour which by now has become a habit. The good news is that it is possible, alongside any other treatment, to start to understand and release the needs being met by that compulsion or habit, and to begin to find more positive and emotionally healthy ways to get your needs met in the future.

A programme to help you release yourself from the grip of addictions, compulsions or unwanted habits would set out to identify the emotional needs being fulfilled by that behaviour and release that link. We would then together identify other, more positive, ways to get those needs met and get those new ways integrated into your life

The key to releasing yourself from feeling compelled to continue with habits and behaviours that no longer serve you well lies in your unconscious mind. Both Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Healing may be helpful in the positive process of identifying and releasing addictions and compulsions.

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Kathryn Scorza is a skilled Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Healer based in North London.


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