Depression and low Self-esteem


Client Story:
Dan’s Story – rebuilding self-worth

Your past does not need to continue to cast a shadow over your future

Perhaps you are feeling generally low but cannot put your finger on a specific reason. Life can feel hard and unrewarding, and you may feel isolated, alone and hopeless. There can be any number of triggers to make us feel bad about ourselves and despairing about our future, even if we appear to have all we need for a good life.

It is not natural for us to have negative feelings about ourselves – we are not born with them. Usually those feelings have entered us because of how we have interpreted and internalised past negative experiences we have had or witnessed. Then we draw self-critical conclusions about ourselves, apply them generally and label ourselves in negative ways. These beliefs then act as a form of negative hypnosis, so we can truly be said to be living our lives in a negative trance.

Here, I find the views of the Human Givens Institute useful: they suggest that the human species has essential emotional needs (‘Human Givens’) which mostly need to be met if we are to thrive. If life is not going well, they say, it is not because we are ‘faulty’ in some way – it is because our emotional needs have not been met. They may have been blocked or distorted by life experiences. We all have different life stories, but we all have the same essential emotional needs.

A programme to help deconstruct and dissolve the shadows from the past and start to build a more positive and realistic self-image would be constructed in consultation with you. Together we would then identify ways to help you get more of your ‘Human Givens’ emotional needs fulfilled

Both Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Healing can help you to identify where the blocks to fulfilling your emotional needs lie, and start to dissolve them. Once ways begin to be found to get more of your Human Givens met, you can start to thrive and build an emotionally more satisfying life. Please follow the link to the Human Givens Institute on my links page to find our more about these essential emotional needs and the tools we have to get them fulfilled.

Client Story:
Dan’s Story – rebuilding self-worth

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Dissolving the blocks to self-healing

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