Regression can help you to return to problematic episodes of your life with the power to release painful feelings and change the nature of the memory

You can read accounts of the use of Regression with various clients here

Regression (conducted under Hypnosis) is an extremely direct and effective method to get to the root of an issue which has been flagged up by difficult and painful feelings creating blocks in your life today. Regression makes use of the trance state to allow access to the unconscious mind where a record of everything that has ever happened to us is stored. Hypnotherapy can lead us to where our unconscious mind ‘programmes’ our individual reactions and responses to life according to the feelings held in our bodies, often as a result of early experiences of shock, fear, upset and trauma. These long held feelings can make us feel stuck and can block our ability to live our lives the way we would like to. Reaching these stuck feelings from the past can begin the process of loosening the knots and dissolving the blocks whereby the past is still dominating our lives in the present. When Regression takes us to the very beginning of an issue, it is possible to work with that experience to release and heal it. Starting to release those difficult feelings begins the process of breaking their hold on the present, so self-healing can get underway.

Successful regression relies on the unconscious mind being willing to take us back to the point we need to reach. If the unconscious mind, in its protective role, senses this may not be safe for the client (however keen our conscious mind may be to push ahead), it will block our attempt. I use personalised recordings and other approaches to prepare for regression, in order to gain the confidence and co-operation of the unconscious mind.


You can read accounts of the use of Regression with various clients here

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Dissolving the blocks to self-healing

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