Shock & Trauma


Shock energy from traumatic experiences trapped deep in our systems can be cleared, so the associated painful feelings can be released for good.

Client Stories:
Nina’s Story 1: surviving a massacre in early childhood
Nina’s Story 2: passenger in a fatal traffic accident
Miriam’s Story: profound birth trauma

Traumatic and shocking experiences ‘hijack’ our consciousness, catapulting our systems into a kind of negative trance and locking shock energy into our nervous systems. This trance can be broken via Hypnotherapy.

When we experience shock or trauma, all the physical and mental survival tools Nature has given us are suddenly activated to the highest degree. From the unconscious mind’s point of view, at that very moment (or over that time period), we are facing life-threatening danger. And while that may sound dramatic, it is what actually happens whenever our mind detects a potential threat. Shock and fear are activated, triggering mental and physical effects like anxiety, digestive problems, reduced libido and disturbed sleep. Above all, we may become hypervigilant as our minds try to anticipate future danger.

If the traumatic shock and fear are not able to completely discharge themselves from our systems, we can remain physiologically and mentally locked into a hypervigilant state, as our unconscious mind continuously seeks to protect us. Mostly we don’t associate how we feel now with things that happened to us in the past. We may be able to help ourselves in all sorts of ways to feel better, less tense and anxious, more able to cope. But our previous experiences may continue to have a hold over us behind the scenes, via the shock state also known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD.

PTSD from the point of view of Hypnotherapy means we are in a negative hypnotic trance state. In that state, our minds may be unable to relax. We may feel tense or anxious much of the time or have self-esteem or insecurity issues. Most of the time, we don’t connect current difficulties with past events.

Whether our trauma is caused by a single event or built over an extended period (e.g. of physical, psychological, emotional or sexual abuse, cruelty or neglect) the effect on our physiology is very similar. It keeps us on the edge of the Fight/ Flight/ Freeze response, Nature’s survival strategy, operated through our unconscious minds.

Regression under Hypnosis can undo the negative trance and discharge the power of its energy trapped in our systems. Breaking that trance can then allow us to begin to move forward and heal our lives, so we can experience the peace of mind, confidence, success, satisfaction and joy we are all entitled to.

Client Stories:
Nina’s Story 1: surviving a massacre in early childhood
Nina’s Story 2: passenger in a fatal traffic accident
Miriam’s Story: profound birth trauma

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