Smoking Cessation and Weight Reduction


Overeating or smoking too much is not a behaviour you chose for yourself. It answers a need. Once that need is addressed, your goals will be much easier to achieve

Many people these days struggle with trying to reduce their weight or give up smoking. They believe the problem is simple lack of willpower. I see it very differently.   Overeating and the need to smoke heavily are just like other compulsions or unwanted habits: symptoms of difficult feelings in the present which have triggers in the past. There will be a good reason for them. Since I don’t believe these are isolated habits which can be broken by focusing only on behaviour change, I would seek to help you identify what need is being fulfilled in your life by cigarettes or food, and help you address that need in the context of your current life. Once that need is being fulfilled in other, more positive and supportive ways, it becomes much easier to let go of the patterns of over-consumption. Please see the section on Compulsions and Unwanted Habits for more on how I would approach working with you to help you make the changes you want.

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Kathryn Scorza is a skilled Spiritual Healer and Hypnotherapist based in North London.


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