Spiritual Hypnotherapy


Our soul or spirit dimension is rarely included in therapeutic work, despite often helping us to find our best resources and answers

Many clients contact me having searched the internet using terms like ‘spiritual hypnotherapy’. This has led me to think about what it is they are looking for, and how I might better try to supply it. Most are looking for practical help of the kind I seek to give using hypnotherapy, but want an approach which welcomes and includes their spiritual dimension, not because they reject conventional treatment but because they wish the whole of themselves to be included in any therapy they seek. The fact I am both a hypnotherapist and a spiritual healer reassures them that their soul or spirit dimension will be welcome in our hypnotherapy sessions in an explicit or implicit way.

Everyone who is aware of their soul or spirit has their own unique way of feeling the connection. It is often hard to put into words. The role it plays in our lives also differs from person to person, and every form of spiritual belief or practice is equally valid and deserving of respect.

As a result, I don’t see spiritual hypnotherapy as a ‘brand’ or product or method. I see it as a context within which I can work with clients using hypnotherapy in conventional ways while both of us can also be aware of and welcome access to the power to self-heal which is held at the level of our eternally wise soul or spirit. Just as spiritual healing has no religious base, spiritual hypnotherapy requires no specific beliefs, just an awareness that we exist at many levels: the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Dissolving the blocks to self-healing

Kathryn Scorza is a skilled Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Healer based in North London.


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