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Client Story:
Martin’s Story: chronic cough triggered by anxiety

You may feel stuck in a stressed or anxious state, but it is possible to restore the emotional resilience and control which currently feels beyond your reach

There may be many pressures in your life at the moment, which are making you feel stressed or generally anxious. Stress can feel like an inevitable part of modern life. But you may be experiencing levels of stress which you feel are extreme or excessive. It is easy to forget that stress is a response – a way of reacting to events and situations. Although it may feel like you have no choice, it is usually not the only possible response – how often do you notice that others don’t seem to react in the same way as you do?

Feeling continually stressed is likely to mean that your body is stuck in ‘Fight or Flight’ mode – the very effective survival strategy our nervous system triggers to get us out of life-threatening danger and keep us alive. We are not evolved to be in that state for the rest of the time – it was designed by Nature early in our evolution as a temporary state, there for when we really need it. ‘Rest and Digest’ is the intended ‘default’ state for everyday life. But often that survival system can go into overdrive, where there is no actual threat to life. So the first steps are to understand the reasons for the stress response, seek solutions to the worst stressors and start to train the body to remember how to stay in the ‘Rest and Digest’ mode which we are designed to be in for everyday life.

Perhaps you feel highly anxious all the time. Medication may be helping you keep it under control. Hypnotherapy or Spiritual Healing can help to manage the symptoms of anxiety, allowing mind and body to become calmer. In this calmer state, it starts to become possible to look at triggers for the anxiety and to work to release them in a constructive and solution-oriented way.

As a bonus, you can at the same time become expert in maintaining your nervous system in the ‘Rest and Digest’ mode, so you can respond to the difficulties life continues to throw at us all from a more grounded, positive and controlled place

Client Story:
Martin’s Story: chronic cough triggered by anxiety

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