Spiritual Healing FAQs


What is Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual healing is an ancient and natural form of energy healing. Spiritual Healers connect with the healing energy at its source and channel it through their own energy field or aura to the recipient via their hands. The Spiritual Healer is not the source of the healing energy, but a channel through which it can be accessed.

How can Spiritual Healing help? And what can it help with?

In my experience, Spiritual Healing can help with any issue because of its ability to bring comfort and help us gain or regain balance at any level, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, or a combination of all of them. It offers a powerful support to our own self-healing abilities, which may have become blocked.

Can I have Spiritual Healing if I have cancer?

It is true that not all complementary therapies are recommended for those going through cancer treatment. Spiritual Healing is completely safe for cancer patients. I spent two years as a part-time funded therapist at the Cancerkin Clinic at the Royal Free Hospital, giving healing to women being treated for breast cancer.

Can you guarantee that Spiritual Healing will work for me?

I do not think any therapist can or should offer a guarantee! With Spiritual Healing we cannot make specific promises as to what might be achieved, but in my experience, there are always positive effects.

Why does Spiritual Healing work?

There are many theories about Spiritual Healing. Many believe that at a universal level, we are all able to connect with each other via a form of energy which does not follow the conventional laws of Physics (for instance, healing energy does not appear to get weaker when you are further away from it). Some call this background energy the Quantum Field or the Zero Point Field. It is described by Lynne McTaggart in her book ‘The Field’ (2001). Laboratory experiments show that unexplained measurable energy is present at minus 273 degrees centigrade (the point called ‘Absolute Zero’) where Physics predicts no energy could exist. Quantum Physics demonstrates that complex interactions take place between particles. We ourselves are made of tiny particles of energy, however solid we may feel.

Are Spiritual Healers trained?

Many healers choose to follow a two year training programme during which they work under supervision as student healers. Following assessment they can then be registered via their Membership Associations as Full Healers on national databases like that of the Healing Trust, The British Alliance of Healing Associations (via their member Associations) and the Spiritualist National Union. I am registered with the Soul Therapy Association of Spiritual Healers, a member of the British Alliance of Healing Associations/ BAHA and with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council/ CNHC.

Can Spiritual Healing do any harm?

The energy channelled by Spiritual Healers works only for good. The worst that can happen is that nothing happens! To ensure you have a positive experience and the greatest benefit, it is important to work with a Healer you trust and who works in a safe and professional way.

Is Spiritual Healing religious?

Some Spiritual Healers may have a religious faith in their personal lives, but Spiritual Healing itself is not part of any organised religion. No religious beliefs are needed in order to receive healing or benefit from it. I have no religious beliefs and welcome members of all faith communities as well as non-believers equally to receive Spiritual Healing.

Do I need to believe in Spiritual Healing for it to work?

No, the efficacy of healing does not depend on the recipient believing in it. Some of my favourite clients are sceptics, like me. If their minds were completely closed, they would not have come at all. I ask only that they allow their minds to remain open and decide what they think based on their experience of the session. This is the true definition of scepticism: an open mind but requiring some kind of evidence.

Is Spiritual Healing the same as Reiki?

Both are forms of energy healing and may feel similar to receive. Spiritual and Reiki Healers do, however, work in different ways.

What is Distant or Absent Healing?

Spiritual Healing can be channelled any distance to the recipient via a name or a photograph. Physical distance has no apparent effect on the power of the healing energy. 

Can animals also receive Spiritual Healing?

Animals are very receptive to all forms of energy healing. I generally treat animals using distant healing. Our cats would not stand for animals being brought to the house for hands on healing!

You are also a Hypnotherapist. Does that mean you combine Hypnotherapy with Spiritual Healing?

I do not combine Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Healing in the same session. My practice is split between the two, with some clients coming only for one or the other. However an increasing number find they like to use a combination of approaches

How can I be sure sessions with you are completely confidential?

I am bound by the terms on confidentiality laid down by my accrediting organisations (British Alliance of Healing Associations, The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council). This is the foundation of trust in building a good therapeutic relationship.

How many Healing sessions might I need?

There is no optimum number. It depends on you and your reasons for coming. While I might suggest you come for a few sessions in a row at the beginning, after that we would agree together how to schedule future sessions. Sometimes people like to continue to come because they enjoy the sessions, and many of my clients drop in and out of my practice over several years. You don’t have to have a problem to get benefits from Spiritual Healing.

How long is a Healing Session? What do they cost?

Spiritual Healing sessions last 1 hour and cost £70. Concessions are sometimes available by negotiation.

What about cancellations?

If a session is missed or cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice, the full fee may be liable.

What if I am not sure whether Spiritual Healing is for me?

For anyone who wants to find out more, I am happy to answer any questions at no cost. A conversation also allows me to establish whether I feel what I offer could be of help.