Spiritual Healing for Animals


Animals respond extremely well to Spiritual Healing

Animals are very sensitive to energies around them in their environment and can have problems at the physical, emotional or spiritual level. Healing animals is close to my heart, because they so often live with the result of our decisions. Animals have a natural and open response to healing, often responding immediately without reservation. When they have absorbed the healing they need, they may simply move away.

The animal does not need to be present for me to send them healing energy, and it can be safely sent to all types and sizes of animal, from hamsters to horses. Generally I send healing to animals in blocks of a week’s work, with a brief session every day.

See FAQs on Spiritual Healing for more information

Dissolving the blocks to self-healing

Kathryn Scorza is a skilled Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Healer based in North London.


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