What is Spiritual Healing?


Spiritual Healing is a particularly special form of energy healing. It draws on the highest, purest source of universal energy to nourish us. We can interact with, and respond to it because, as Quantum Physics has shown, we ourselves are made up of tiny packets of energy, however solid we may seem. Healing energy is channelled by Healers from its source through their energy field and via their hands to the client. The energy will always go to where it can do the most good, whether that be at the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level.

Spiritual Healing has the potential to bring comfort, clarity, perspective and a sense of connectedness. It enables us to become more aware of our eternally wise spiritual or soul dimension – the place where most of our solutions and tools are to be found. It can be said to be the ultimate complementary therapy, as it is non-invasive, has no side-effects or interactions with medication and can safely be used alongside any treatment, including those for cancer.

Although it is not possible to make specific promises as to what a Spiritual Healing session might achieve, healing can help clients gain (or regain) balance, focus and harmony. It can allow issues to become clear. Although subtle, healing energy can be very powerful. In cases of stress it can bring relief, and if you are drained it can boost energy and gently help to dissolve the blocks to self-healing.

The efficacy of Spiritual Healing has been proved in many controlled experiments, some of which have been collected by Daniel J. Benor in his book: Spiritual Healing: Scientific Validation of a Healing Revolution (2001). A range of experiments are included, including animals and plants as subjects (neither of which are aware of the placebo effect as far as we know!). Professor Gary Schwartz investigated Healing exhaustively in his book The Energy Healing Experiments (2008).

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Dissolving the blocks to self-healing

Kathryn Scorza is a skilled Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Healer based in North London.


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